Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Start

This is the beginning blog for Warden Songs World. The reasons for the creation of this blog are as follows:

A.) I have many friends, acquaintances, and family members who are always interested in the progress of my musical and creative projects. I have found that over the past few years I have repeated the same information so often that I cannot remember what I have said to whom. This blog allows one accessible source for this information. 

B.) It will serve as a record of many items of musical minutia that I would never bother to remember or care about. Its always fun to go back and read items from a log or journal entry. 

C.) It will give people a chance to make comments or ask questions regarding the creative projects for which I am working. I don't see everyone every day, so this blog makes me a bit more accessible. I welcome feedback of all kinds as any artist should. 

Since this is going out into cyberspace, the following information will bring everyone up to speed: 

My name is Douglas Warden.
I am a song-writer.
I am one of many Maryland musical personalities. 
I play/record music in a band called Outerloop.
I play/record music on my own as well. 
My current project is a solo CD titled: Month of the Lion: Year of the Worm

(Well...That about sums it all up.)